2020台北遊戲開發者論壇 (2020 Taipei Game Developers Forum)

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2020 台北遊戲開發者論壇(TGDF) 隆重登場 


2020 年台北遊戲開發者論壇(TGDF,Taipei Game Developers Forum)首度舉辦線上直播活動!!!TGDF 為台灣最大型之年度專業遊戲開發論壇,在 2019 年度,我們邀請到製作《光遇》、《This War of Mine》、《The Witness》、等作品,及 EA 美商藝電的開發者蒞臨演講,也有來自台灣樂磚、泥巴娛樂、數位卡夫特、有病製作等團隊的數十名講者們熱情分享。

2020 年 TGDF 將在 7 月 11 日至 7 月 12 日,透過 Twitch 平台,以免費線上直播的方式與各位見面──今年的陣容包括 Riot Games 首席設計師 Stone Librande、King 的關卡設計師 Lucien Chen、Adobe Substance 技術專家嚴美子等三十多位海內外講者共同參與,讓我們即便在疫情影響下,仍然有精彩的內容,希望所有參與者可以滿載而歸!

無論你是學生團隊、獨立遊戲開發者、資深遊戲業從業人員、或夢想踏進遊戲開發領域的新鮮人,都請勿錯過 2020 年 TGDF 台北遊戲開發者論壇!


(有關 TGDF 最新訊息,請隨時鎖定論壇網頁粉絲頁

  • 活動時間 : 2020/07/11 09:00 ~ 2020/07/12 18:00

  • 活動方式 : Twitch 線上直播

  • 主辦單位 :

  • 諮詢窗口:

    • 洪先生  Tel : (02)6631-6685    email  : robinhung@iii.org.tw

    • 歐陽先生  Tel : (02)6631-6669  email  : aaronou@iii.org.tw


  1. 票價免費。事先報名註冊者可在活動開始前接收提醒信件,並且可以獲得額外的問卷加碼優惠。


  1. 填寫活動當天之線上問卷(主辦單位將於直播中提供問卷連結),即可獲得活動抽獎資格。抽獎獎品由贊助商與主辦單位提供(持續爭取中),完整獎項將另行公佈。

  2. 完成事前報名註冊、並填寫活動問卷的朋友,將可加碼獲得 2021 年 TGDF 9折票卷,早鳥特惠票亦可使用本折扣,使價格更加優惠!主辦單位將於會後以電子郵件信箱提供您 2021 年購票使用之 QRcode 電子票卷。

  3. 為了確保您的權益,建議您填寫資料時,務必使用個人常用之電子郵件信箱,並且確保 2021 年時仍可使用之電子郵件信箱,同時確保來自 KKTIX 的信件不會被過濾為垃圾郵件,而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』。


  1. 本活動獎品之寄送範圍僅限台灣、澎湖、金門、馬祖等國內郵件可送達之地址,獲獎者一旦領取獎品後,若有遺失或被竊等狀況,主辦單位不發給任何證明或補償。

  2. 請提供正確的寄件地址、收件人、聯絡電話等資訊,確保可完成收件。

  3. 2021 年購票折價票券,視同有價證券,請妥善保存,如發生遺失或無法辨識等狀況,恕不補發。

  4. 若遇特殊情形或其他不可抗力之因素,主辦單位保留變更、修改、或調整本活動之權利。

=== English ===

2020 Taipei Game Developer Forum (TGDF) is here! 

2020 Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF) is almost here! TGDF is currently the largest professional conference for game developers in Taiwan. in 2019, our speaker line-up included developers from the teams that made critically-acclaimed games like Sky: Light Awaits, This War of Mine, The Witness and more. There were also dozens of domestic Taiwanese game developers sharing their experiences and know-hows during the event.

2020 TGDF is scheduled on July 11th - 12th, and will be delivered via Twitch.tv. Confirmed speakers for 2020 includes Stone Librande, Lead Designer at Riot Games; Lucien Chen, Level Designer at King; Meizi Yan, Substance specialist from Adobe, and about 30 more developers, internationally and domestically combined. We hope that despite the influences of the current pandemic, game developers can still come and learn from each other, and enjoy the 2-day Twitch stream together! 

No matter you are students, indies or AAA developers, we sincerely welcome you to join us!

Official website: https://2020.tgdf.tw/en/

Date & Time: July 11th & 12th, 2020, from 9:00am to 18:00pm

  • Format: Online Conference
  • Organizer: TGDF Executive Committee
  • Information Services:
    Mr. Hung       Tel : (02)6631-6685            e-mail  : robinhung@iii.org.tw 
    Mr. Ouyang   Tel : (02)6631-6669            e-mail :  aaronou@iii.org.tw


  • The entire event is free to watch. With pre-registering, we will send notification emails about the stream, and also coupon code for 2021 TGDF in additional to the survey raffle.

|How participate in the raffle 

  1. Complete the event feedback online survey (which we will distribute during the event on stream), and you'll be eligible for the raffle. The complete list of raffle prizes will be revealed later. 
  2. If you both pre-register and complete the survey, you will receive a special discount for 2021 TGDF in addition to the survey raffle, and it can be combined with the early bird discount. The detailed instructions of how to apply the discount will be delivered to you via email afterwards. 
  3. To ensure your rights and interests, please use an email address that you use frequently and will still have the access to in 2021. Also please check if the notifications and emails from KKTIX are not blocked by your spam filter. 

|Important Disclaimers

  1. The physical prizes in the survey raffle will only be delivered to Taiwanese domestic addresses. After the package is delivered, we will not be held liable in the case of lost packages, theft or other similar circumstances, or be responsible for sending the receiver any additional packages. 
  2. In the case of physical prizes, please provide us with correct addresses, receiver names, contact numbers and such, to make sure the physical prizes can be sent to you.
  3. Please keep the 2021 TGDF discount codes safe where you can access them yourself. Should it be lost under any circumstances, we will not be held liable or send additional codes to the receiver.
  4. If there are unusual circumstances or force majeure that affects the event, the organizer reserve the rights to change, modify, and adjust the plan and the content of the event.
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