2023 台北遊戲開發者論壇 (Taipei Game Developers Forum) 線上議程事前登錄

2023 台北遊戲開發者論壇(TGDF)

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2023 台北遊戲開發者論壇(TGDF,Taipei Game Developers Forum)即日起開始售票!本活動將於今年邁入第十二屆,同時也是疫後首度回歸現場實體活動,讓遊戲開發者、講師與遊戲廠商們,能夠有最直接的互動交流!

TGDF 議程內容包含技術、設計、製程、行銷、經營等眾多面向,2023 年度將於實體議程中登台的國內外講師包含《Tunic》的音樂設計團隊 Lifeformed(Terence Lee)和 Janice Kwan、《Among Us》社群總監 Victoria Tran、《失落迷城》美術總監眭弘遠、侍達遊戲負責人劉哲魁(刃霧翔)、經營「水之方舟」專欄的遊戲設計師林士揚(水狼陽介)、「飛鳥涼不涼的遊戲營運觀察小站」主筆飛鳥涼不涼等。

除了付費的實體議程,今年也保留了過去三年來廣受好評的免費線上議程,於實體議程結束後的當週週末,提供由另一批講師陣容帶來的眾多主題演講分享,包括《The Wandering Village》遊戲設計兼行銷 Philomena Schwab、《鬥技場的阿利娜》開發者陳亦威、Frame Machine 的概念美術陳族維等,讓開發者們有更多元的方式來吸收遊戲產業相關知識。

不論你曾經參與過實體版或線上版 TGDF,業界經驗深或淺,我們都竭誠歡迎各位來參與 2023 年的台北遊戲開發者論壇!


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歡迎同時報名 07/19-07/20 期間的實體議程!有許多不同議程,並可於廠商攤位區互動集點後,獲得額外抽獎機會唷!


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  1. 線上議程為免費參與。事先報名註冊者可在活動開始前接收提醒信件,並且可以獲得額外的會後問卷抽獎加碼優惠。


  1. 完成事前登錄報名、並填寫活動當天之線上問卷(主辦單位將於直播中提供問卷連結),即可獲得活動抽獎資格。抽獎獎品由贊助商與主辦單位提供(持續爭取中),完整獎項將另行公佈。

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  1. 本活動獎品之寄送範圍僅限台灣、澎湖、金門、馬祖等國內郵件可送達之地址,獲獎者一旦領取獎品後,若有遺失或被竊等狀況,主辦單位不發給任何證明或補償。

  2. 請提供正確的寄件地址、收件人、聯絡電話等資訊,確保可完成收件。

  3. 若遇特殊情形或其他不可抗力之因素,主辦單位保留變更、修改、或調整本活動之權利。

=== English Version ===

2023 Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF)
Virtual Sessions Pre-Reg Starts!

Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF) will celebrate its 12th edition in 2023, marking the return of In-Person Sessions after the pandemic. This will provide game developers, speakers, and game companies with the opportunity for direct interaction and exchange.

TGDF agenda encompasses various aspects, including programming, game design, production, marketing, and management. The lineup of domestic and international speakers for the In-Person Sessions in 2023 includes Lifeformed (Terence Lee) and Janice Kwan, the composers of the award-winning indie game Tunic; Victoria Tran, the Community Director of Among Us; Ronald Hsi, the Art Director of Asterigos; Emily Short, the Creative Director from Failbetter Games; Ross Huang, the Lead Designer of Thymesia; and more.

In addition to the paid In-Person Sessions, this year will also feature the highly-acclaimed free Virtual Sessions format from the past few years. During the following weekend of the in-person event, a separate set of speakers will deliver a wide range of presentations. This includes Philomena Schwab, the game designer & marketing of The Wandering Village; Max Chen, the developer behind Alina of the Arena; and Tsu-Wei Chen, a Concept Artist from Frame Machine; and more. These offerings aim to provide developers with diverse ways to learn from each other.

Whether you have participated in previous editions of TGDF (either in-person or virtually), whether you are an industry veteran or new to the field, we sincerely welcome everyone to join 2023 Taipei Game Developers Forum!

By pre-registering here for Virtual Sessions and completing the event feedback online survey, you will be eligible to participate in the post-event raffle!

※※※ Note: this signup page is for Virtual Sessions only. ※※※

Please also check out our In-Person Sessions on Jul 19-20! It features a different set of speakers, and an on-site stamp rally event to get an additional chance to win at the raffle!

Get Passes for In-Person Sessions: https://tgdf.kktix.cc/events/2023tgdf

Official website: https://2023.tgdf.tw/en


  • The entire event is free to participate. With pre-registering, you will receive notification emails about the Virtual Sessions livestream, and be eligible for joining our raffle if you also complete the feedback survey.

How participate in the raffle

  1. Complete the event feedback online survey (which we will distribute during the event on stream), and you'll be eligible for the raffle. The complete list of raffle prizes will be revealed later. 
  2. To ensure your rights and interests, please use an email address that you use frequently. Also please check if the notifications and emails from KKTIX are not blocked by your spam filter. 

Important Disclaimers

  1. The physical prizes in the survey raffle will only be delivered to Taiwanese domestic addresses. After the package is delivered, we will not be held liable in the case of lost packages, theft or other similar circumstances, or be responsible for sending the receiver any additional packages. 
  2. In the case of physical prizes, please provide us with correct addresses, receiver names, contact numbers and such, to make sure the physical prizes can be sent to you.
  3. If there are unusual circumstances or force majeure that affects the event, the organizer reserve the rights to change, modify, and adjust the plan and the content of the event.

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